09 April, 2019

A good cry is a good sign

I changed my mind. I decided to move on to the next lesson of the Course in  Miracles Workbook for today.
I had a good cry last evening, before I got into bed. And I took it as a sign that the lesson of the day had fulfilled its purpose. 


It’s almost like the ACIM workbook knows my life, though, it was written before the events in my life happening these days.
I was curious about what my astrology birth chart says about me, and I ordered some custom birth chart readings. Not the best idea. As a Romanian saying goes: ”it’s like the devil made me do it.”
After I got the results, though there were also some very positive aspects, I started to think only about the negative ones, not to sleep because of them, almost obsess over them ... 
And the  exercise of the day after I read the reports, in lesson 10, was this: 
My thoughts about _______ does not mean anything. 
Quite a coincidence, don’t you think? 
I see it as quite a telling coincidence. A sign. A sign that I should continue with this workbook from A Course in Miracles. 
I’m thinking of staying on the same lesson tomorrow. It’s the second time in 10 lessons that I had to repeat a lesson two days in a row, but I feel I need to let this specific exercise sink in because it helps me calm the anxiety produced by reading those reports. 
I’m thinking of starting to learn astrology myself, so I can decipher what led that person come to the conclusions she did. Things can be interpreted in different ways. I bet. Especially in astrology. Someone else might have a different opinion of a certain star or position. I’ll think if I want to proceed with this endeavor. I’m pretty curious, and I bet I’d be good at it, as I’m both intuitive and good at math. But I’m not sure yet if I want to go that path. 

05 April, 2019

Today’s lesson

Today’s lesson was “I see only the past in this/that ...” and you look around you and you name things or people you see. 

I see only the past in this table, I see only the past in that wall, I see only the past in this bed. 

This is lesson 7 of A Course in Miracles. 

I had to repeat today’s lesson, I did the same lesson yesterday. I know I do what the lesson for today says. I look at the past too much. I am still bitter about it, I know I still have regrets, I couldn’t overcome them, yet. But it’s difficult to admit it, to say it loud and clear, even if the words are only in your mind. 

I want to journal here about my spiritual searches and experiments, and the conclusions I unravel.
Whoever will read this blog, I hope they’ll enjoy it, and maybe find it helpful.